Samahope is now

Samahope has joined forces with CaringCrowd, a new global health crowdfunding platform powered by Johnson & Johnson and has ceased operations under the Samahope name.

Our vision at Samahope was always to reach 1 million patients. To do that–and truly amplify our growth and impact–we decided to team up with a larger global health organization with greater capacity. Combining with CaringCrowd helps us achieve our goal and enables us to carry out our mission of allowing anyone anywhere to fund critical medical care for those in need.

A heartfelt thank you to our generous Samahope community for supporting our work from 2012-2016. It is humbling to know that together, through the power of the crowd, we provided access to healthcare for over 10,000 patients in need across 11 countries. It has reaffirmed our belief that anyone can change a life.

Please visit and look for inspiring last-mile health projects you can support.

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